Mortgages Investing Made Simple

At Benevolent Bancorp, our mission is to provide an online, simple and easy source for investors to pick and choose mortgages they would like to fund.

Our investors can fund the whole or a fraction of the mortgage. We do the due diligence and present only the qualified mortgages for investment.

Reliable and Transparent

Benevolent Bancorp offers investors valuable transparency with easy access to key borrower and property underwriting documents, and efficiencies such as Mortgage Investments availability email alerts. Saving time, eliminating downtime, enhancing the investment experience, and maximizing investor yie

Personalized 24/7 Service

As a Mortgage investor with Benevolent Bancorp, you will experience a very personalized service that utilizes investor preferences while providing up-to-the-minute deal status and 24/7 access via your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Secured Investment

At Benevolent Bancorp you are investing in a secured investment and you are the sole owner of it unless it is fractionalized.

Your investment is secured by a mortgage recorded on the property for which the mortgage is made. You or your investment entity are named on the mortgage as owning whatever fractional interest you purchase, or the whole mortgage if you purchase 100%.

As a mortgage investor with Benevolent Bancorp, you enjoy a far more secure investment position than with any other comparative investment.

Two Ways To Invest

Fractional Mortgages

Fractional Mortgages are where you invest in a portion of that mortgage, say 20% or 50%. This allows you to diversify your investment among multiple mortgages.

Whole Mortgages

Whole mortgages are where you invest in the entire mortgage. You are the sole lender and retain 100% control over that mortgage. Our mortgage sizes will typically range from $30,000 to $3,000,000.