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Finding reasonable mortgage rates in Surrey isn’t as simple as it sounds. Markets fluctuate. Home equity companies roll out new products. Advertisements promise the moon but aren’t clear about the details. That’s where Crown Funding Group comes in — but not all brokers are equal.

We’re Top Rated Mortgage Brokers in Surrey, BC. As one of Surrey’s top-rated mortgage brokers, we can help get you pre-qualified, pre-approved by mortgage lenders in Surrey, or help you obtain a commitment letter from a lender in the least possible time. Refinance quickly and hassle-free with Crown Funding!

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    Buying a home in Surrey, B.C., is an exciting time! You're about to take a big step, so you'll need some advice from a Mortgage Broker in Surrey. We'll give you the facts your bank won't tell you about financing your first home. With access to multiple lenders, we'll help you find the Best Mortgage Rates in Surrey and the best mortgage options to help you buy your dream home. We're local and know the ins and outs.
    HELOC is a type of credit that enables you to tap into funds at a rate lower than any credit card or personal loan. With HELOC, your home will act as collateral. As you start paying off your mortgage, your home equity rises, and then that equity is used to secure your loan. The home equity line of credit in Surrey is similar to a second mortgage or a credit card but comes with better rewards. Since your home is used as collateral, ensuring that you pay off the loan, you can get an impressively low rate.
    Mortgage refinancing pays the current mortgage or any other credits or debts against your property and creates a new mortgage. A refinancing can occur when you take out a new mortgage on your property with a whole new set of terms and conditions and at a new interest rate. This may be an alternative to taking a more expensive second mortgage to cover expenses such as your home's renovation.
    If you want to get a mortgage with the least amount of legal restrictions possible, then this can be the mortgage for you. Private lenders are individuals or even private corporations that will lend you money using the remaining equity strictly in your house as security. They typically don't look at any past credit issues or income, as they look to get a return on their investment and are therefore more expensive than banks and non-bank/alternative lenders. They get you the money you need quickly and with minimal requirements from you.
    A second mortgage the second loan you place against your home. This mortgage can be used to access a chunk of your available home equity. If you consider this, it is important to have some available home equity to borrow. Borrowers even use additional mortgage financing to consolidate debt into a single payment and lower rate. They even use it for financing big projects like the home renovation or a big step in their lives. A second mortgage can also be used to borrow your down payment for a second home, an investment property, or a cottage getaway.

    Big Banks Can Be A Big Hassle.

    We’re Licensed Mortgage Professionals, And Home To So Much More Than What Big Banks Offer.

    How Can Crown Funding Help You?

    While dealing with a bank, you only deal with one lender at a time. Our mortgage brokers in Surrey deal with more than one lender at a time, providing customers with an even better choice of mortgage products and services. We can even complete the whole home loan process online or in-person, which means you won’t waste your time visiting bank branches.

    If you’re shopping around with banks, you can end up pulling more than one credit report, which will harm your score. Here at Crown Funding, we’re the top-rated Mortgage brokers in Surrey and only pull one credit report that can be easily used with multiple lenders, which means no impact on your credit score.

    We’re Surrey’s Trusted Mortgage Professionals.

    Here’s How We Help You

    A mortgage broker represents your interests rather than the interests of a lending institution. We not only act as your agent but assist you as knowledgeable consultants and problem solvers. With access to a diverse range of mortgage products, we're able to offer you the most significant value in terms of interest rate, repayment amounts, and loan products. Our Mortgage specialists will help you to identify your needs and your short and long-term goals.
    We help the client navigate through any situation, effectively handling the process and smoothing any bumps in the road throughout the whole example. Even if the borrower has credit issues, our brokers know which lenders can offer the best product to meet your needs. Borrowers who find they need bigger loans than their bank will approve also benefit from a broker's knowledge and ability to obtain financing successfully.
    With a mortgage broker, you only need one application, rather than completing forms for each lender. Our mortgage brokers can provide a formal comparison of any loans recommended, guiding you to the information that accurately portrays cost differences, with current rates, points, and closing costs for each loan reflected.
    Crowd Funding is offered loans on a wholesale basis from lenders. Therefore, it can offer the best rates available in the market, typically making the client's total loan cost lower. A reputable mortgage broker will disclose how they are paid for their services and detail the loan's total costs.

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    Areas Of Service Surrey & Vancouver?

    Crowd Funding is fast becoming a premier mortgage broker in the Fraser Valley region serving Surrey and adjoining areas. We have great relationships with some of the most established lenders in the country, with access to hundreds of mortgage products at the best available rates and terms. It’s essential to work with a broker you trust. Our business is solely based on honesty and ethics combined with professionalism.

    Our president Mr. Paramjeet Singh started Crown Funding in 2018 and has over 25 years of experience in the mortgage and real estate industry. He will originate a loan that’s right for you. No matter whom you work with at Crown Funding, you’re assured of our singular commitment to outstanding service. We’re local and better positioned to serve a client base from all over British Columbia.

    Crown Funding Ltd. can guide you through the mortgage selection process – from prequalification to locking at a competitively low rate. Call us today at 778-320-9494 for a free rate quote and home loan consultation.

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