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At crown funding, your mortgage needs are our priority.

Call us today for pre-approval and for a mortgage rate quote with no obligation.

Having a home of your own is a dream everyone wants to fulfill. Crown Funding makes it feasible for you to buy, refinance or take out a home equity mortgage.
Jeet Singh has over 25 years of mortgage experience. You will get straight answers and no last minute surprises.

Alt-A Lending
Private and Second Mortgages
Crown Funding has mortgage products for all types of credit and income situations. We do mortgages across BC and ON.

Residential mortgages in Surrey for prime borrowers

If you have excellent credit and great income, Crown Funding can offer you a Mortgage at a rate that is way below posted bank mortgage rate. At any given time some banks are running “SPECIALS”. Call us now to find out what that “SPECIAL” mortgage rate of today is.

First time home buyer, need help with your mortgage in Surrey?

Great News! For a limited time, Crown Funding can get you approved without the stress test. Must have 5% plus closing cost and reserves in the bank already. Must have good credit and verifiable income. Call us and we can pre-qualify you so you can buy your dream home with confidence.

ALT-A or "B" Bank lending

Turned down by your bank because of low credit score and high debt ratios? No worries. Let Crown Funding’s experts who specialize in “B” lending get you the next best deal out there. Call us now to find out if we can get you a first mortgage at a rate as low as possible.

Private Mortgages

We can give you instant approval on Private Mortgages. Get you money in 5 Days. Private mortgages are equity and not income or credit based. Good or bad credit. No income verification. Mortgages from $20,000 to $2 Million or more First, Second or Third Mortgage. Credit Line.

or more

Second Mortgage

With or without Income Verification

Call us for instant approval for a Second Mortgage. Get Your Money in 5 Days! Or fill out the application and get same day approval.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Get a Home Equity Line of Credit in the 1st or 2nd position. No income verification available also. Low credit score OK.

Same Day Approval

Get same day approval. If you apply over the phone, which takes only five minutes, you can get instant phone approval with Crown Funding.

Get your money in 5 Days

On private mortgages, you can get the funds in 5 days or earlier if you have an emergency.