5 Year Fixed Rate: 1.64%.

At crown funding, your mortgage needs are our priority.

Whether you are looking for a Bank Mortgage, Alternative Lending or a Private Mortgage, we have them all. We also have the First Time Home Buyer program with or without government assistance. Our rates are unbeatable and our service unmatched. Rest assured that we do our best to secure the lowest rate mortgage for our clients that they qualify for. Call us today for pre-approval and for a customized mortgage rate quote with no obligation.

Having a home of your own is a dream everyone wants to fulfill. Crown Funding makes it feasible for you to buy, refinance or take out a home equity mortgage.
With 20 plus years of mortgage experience, we know our stuff. Honest, dependable, transparent and no last minute surprises.

Private First Mortgage starts at 4.75%.
Private Second Mortgage starts at 7.45%.
Call us for variable rates and rates for other products, please.
Rates subject to change without notice. Conditions apply.
Crown Funding has mortgage products for all types of credit and income situations. We are licensed in British Columbia and Ontario.

Bank mortgages in Surrey for prime borrowers

If you have excellent credit and great income, Crown Funding can offer you a Mortgage at a rate that is way below posted bank mortgage rate. At any given time some banks are running “SPECIALS”. Call us now to find out what that “SPECIAL” mortgage rate of today is.

First time home buyer, need help with your mortgage in Surrey?

Great News! For a limited time, Crown Funding can get you approved without the stress test. Must have 5% plus closing cost and reserves in the bank already. Must have good credit and verifiable income. Call us and we can pre-qualify you so you can buy your dream home with confidence.

Alternative, Alternate or ALT-A lending

Turned down by your bank because of low credit score and high debt ratios? No worries. Let Crown Funding’s experts who specialize in “B” lending get you the next best deal out there. Call us now to find out if we can get you a first mortgage at a rate as low as possible.

Mortgage Broker Near Me

Call us for an Instant Phone Approval. Cash in 5 Days. Good or Bad Credit. No Income Verification Mortgages from $20,000 to $20 Million. First, Second or Third Mortgage. Rates are based on the loan to value ratio. Call us for a no-obligation rate quote and instant approval.

Home Equity Line of Credit (Heloc)

Without Income Verification

All we need is an application and an appraisal. Fill out the application here or we can take it over the phone in five minutes.

Home Equity Line Visa With Credit Limit of Up to $500K

Get a Home Equity Line of Credit from $25K to $500K in the 1st or 2nd position. Ideal for salaried, self-employed or non-traditional income. Credit score can be as low as 600. Rates are based on credit score and loan to value ratio. No annual or renewal fee.

Same Day Approval

Get same day approval. If you apply over the phone, which takes only five minutes, you can get instant phone approval with Crown Funding.

Cash in 5 Business Days

Once Crown Funding has everything that is required, you can get the funds in 5 business days or earlier if you have an emergency.

Types of Mortgages

Purpose of Mortgages

First Time Home Buyer
Debt Consolidation, Renovation
Acquisition, Rehab and Flip Bridge Financing

About Crown Funding

Crown Funding does Bank, Alternative Lending and Private Mortgages for Purchase, Refinance and Equity-take-out. Jeet Singh at Crown Funding has over 20 years of mortgage experience. Whether you have excellent credit and income or have bad credit and need no income verification mortgage, we can help get you a mortgage at the lowest possible mortgage rate. Call us for a customized rate quote today!

  • 1.Bank Mortgages for prime borrowers with good credit and verifiable good income
  • 2.Alternative Lending or 'B' Banks where a borrower missed the approval from the bank just because of slight high debt ratios or low credit score
  • 3.Private Mortgages
  • 4.No income verification mortgages
  • 5.Bad credit mortgage
  • 6.Mortgages for Self-employed with just last six months bank statements Private Mortgages

What is a “no income verification” mortgage in Surrey?

No income verification mortgages are also known as no-doc or stated income mortgages. A No Income Verification Mortgage means exactly that: no proof of income! No Pay-slips, no Tax Returns, no NOA's. The lender will accept the the income you state on your application so long it makes sense and is in line with the industry standard. Some stated income programs that offer lower rates than the Private Mortgage Rates for borrowers with high credit scores may require six months of bank statements and a copy of business license, if you are self-employed.

We provide no income verification mortgage services in Surrey

If your debt ratios are high or you have income that you cannot verify, Crown Funding has mortgage products that either accept high debt ratios or require no income verification. Crown Funding can help you get the mortgage you need without the need of your Pay-Slips, Tax Returns, etc. For a no income verification mortgage in Surrey at a competitive rate, using a private mortgage lender’s services are quite necessary. Our mortgage specialists will help you find the right mortgage for you.

Other forms of No Income Verification Mortgages in Surrey

  • Alternative or 'B' Lending for Self-Employed Borrowers

If you are a self-employed borrower and applying under the stated income program for a home loan, a Bank that does Alternative or 'B' lending is the first option for you to get the low rate. Our mortgage specialists will look at your income, credit and employment situation. They will help guide you in detail and help get you the best mortgage in your situation. Only if you cannot qualify for 'B' paper will they will recommend a Private Mortgage.

  • Stated Income Mortgage

Self-employed borrowers have different needs for mortgage approvals. Our mortgage experts will help you identify your strong points as a self-employed applicant. They will help structure your mortgage with whatever you have, highlighting your positives or come up with alternative ways to provide proof of your income or suggest mortgage products that do not require any income proof. Rest assured, we will do out best to make it happen for you.

  • Tell us your story. We will help you get back on track.

Mortgages for all credit and income situations?

Crown Funding makes the mortgage process easier. We can take your loan application over the phone in less than five minutes or you can fill it out online. Once we get your signed consent form, we go to work for you. Based on your credit rating, and your income we can give you an answer same day in most cases. We know how to highlight your strengths and explain away weak points. We have the best software where we can plug in your profile and in seconds, it will tell us which lender in BC, Canada has the best rates for you.

Bad credit? Cannot verify your income? Crown funding can help get a private mortgage in Surrey and greater Vancouver area

  • Whether you’re looking for a Bank or a private Mortgage, we have them all. Best rates and best service. As an experienced bad credit and private mortgage broker in Surrey, we are here to help borrowers who have less than perfect credit and or in need of a no income verification mortgage Thus we have a long list of satisfied customers who always come back to us for their refinancing needs.
  • At Crown Funding, we try out best to secure the lowest possible mortgage rates and affordable monthly mortgage payments for our borrowers. Whether you are looking for a Residential, Alt-A or ‘B’Lending or a Private Mortgage, we have the right mortgage for you.
  • At Crown Funding, we provide an easy application process. You can select the application form, fill the necessary information and submit it. Or for the faster approval process, give us a call. It takes us less than five minutes to take the information needed from you. We will initiate the process right away and you will get a decision from us pretty fast. We make the process easy, simple, efficient and fast.
  • Want a private mortgage broker in Surrey, BC? Call us at 778-320-9494! Our customer care is always active and ready to help.


  • Chloe Chen
    Very professional and trustworthy mortgage specialist!! Highly recommend
  • Rebecca Goolsby
    Associates are very easy to work with. The process was very smooth.
  • Aria Ra
    In a truly insane process, Jeet was the most helpful person a loan needed person could have hoped for. He was very responsive and honest and tried his best to find the minimum rate and best option for my loan. Jeet navigated me through all phases of the process well beyond what I would have expected from my loan broker, and acted positively on my behalf when the process met some very unexpected hurdles. He'll be the first and only recommendation I have to any friends or family looking to finance their purchase of a home or any needed for loans in the Vancouver area.
  • Nita Reever
    We had a very positive experience with the associates and employees. They are very knowledgeable and fast working!
  • Loretta Quijas
    I am very pleased with the help from Crowd Funding. Thay have always done exactly as they said they would and we have grown due to their help and assistance.
  • Analisa Burkhardt
    The entire process was smooth and fast. Great experience and we learned a lot. Can't wait for more business with them.
  • Monica Taillefer
    It was a very refreshing experience to say the least. Jeet from Crown Funding was very thorough and obtained all information right over the phone! My mortgage was approved the next day and received funds promptly. It was indeed an easy and hassle free process. I highly recommend Crown Funding and especially Jeet for friendly, knowledgeable and professional service!
  • Rob Carey
    I recently used Crown Funding and found them to be transparent, honest and very knowledgeable. I applied and did everything over the phone or email till the time of signing the actual mortgage papers. They made the process easy and hassle free.
  • John M
    We were in need of emergency funds. A friend of ours recommended that we contact Jeet Singh at Crown Funding. Our mortgage was approved instantly over the phone and docs were ready in two days and we got our funds faster than we could have imagined. We are forever grateful to Crown Funding. We appreciated their straight answers and that there were no surprises and hidden fees.
  • Ben Barbato
    I was looking for quick funding. When i emailed Jeet, he responded right away and it was after hours too. He went above and beyond what I expected and got a better deal as he kept shopping around. Once I had decided upon an offer, funding was made available within the 7 business days he promised. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for any kind of mortgages or loans as he has the knowledge and experience to know what is the best product for you.
  • Евгений Расенко
    Every step of obtaining and processing my recent mortgage went seamlessly. There is more to finding the best lender than just quoting interest rates, and I was pleased with the overall results. The personnel and associates were polite, knowledgeable, professional and responded swiftly to all my questions. I would certainly use them again for future mortgages and recommend them to others.


1How do I apply for a Private Mortgage?
You can either fill out the Short or the Full Application or best is to just call us. We can take the information from you over the phone in less than five minutes and more than likely give you instant phone approval.
2How soon will I know if I am approved?
For Private Mortgages, you will have a decision from us within four to 24 hours. If you call us, we may be able to approve you while you are on the phone.
3How soon will I get the money?
It’s all up to you. The sooner you give us the supporting docs, the sooner you get the money. Once we have everything including the appraisal, you can get the funds in five days, even less if it is an emergency.
4What does the Crown Funding need from me to fund my mortgage?
We need the following: Complete Application which we can take it over the phone in less than five minutes.
Signed Consent Form.
Copy of your first mortgage statement.
Information about the second mortgage, if applicable.
Fire insurance agents name, number and email.
Strata information and form B, if a condo or townhouse.
That's all we will need.