Crown Funding has many mortgage products. We also customize mortgages according to the borrower's profile and needs.

Crown Funding does Residential or Conventional mortgages, Alternative, Alternate or ALT-A Lending and Private Mortgages to cater to all credits and income situations.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular situation and needs and get a no obligation rate quote. We are here to help and make it happen for you.

Residential High Ratio Mortgage Rates

5 Year Fixed2.99%
5 Year Variable2.90%
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Alternative Lending Rates (Bank Turn-downs because of income and credit issues)

First Mortgage Rate start at 4.69%

Self-Employed Borrowers

Home Equity Line of Credit in the First or Second Position with six months bank statements to verify cash flow starts at 5.99%

Home Equity Line of Credit with No Income Verification at higher Rate.

Private Mortgage Rates

Private Mortgages are equity based so you must have sufficient lendable equity in your home. Good or Bad Credit. No Income Verification. Rates are based on loan to value ratio. The lower the loan the value ratio, the lower the rate.

First Mortgage Rate start at 6.95%

Second Mortgage Rate start at 8.99%

Call or email us for Rates on any other products that are not listed Here.