Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I apply for a Mortgage?
You can either fill out the short Quick Contact form or fill out the full application by clicking on Apply. Or the best is to call us and we will take the information over the phone in less than five minutes.
2How soon will I know if I am approved?
For Private Mortgages, you will have a decision from us within four to 24 hours. If you call us, we may be able to approve you while you are on the phone.
3How soon will I get the money?
It’s all up to you. The sooner you give us the supporting docs, the sooner you get the money. Once we have everything including the appraisal, you can get the funds in five days, even less if it is an emergency.
4What does the Crown Funding need from me to fund my mortgage?
We need the following: Complete Application which we can take it over the phone in less than five minutes.
Signed Consent Form.
Copy of your first mortgage statement.
Information about the second mortgage, if applicable.
Fire insurance agents name, number and email.
Strata information and form B, if a condo or townhouse.
That's all we will need.